How does it Work?
Quieting the Migraine Storm

STMS mini is the only central neuromodulation therapy developed to treat acute attacks and prevent future migraine days. This patented dual migraine therapy directly targets and signals the brain to quiet the hyperactive nerves thought to be the source of migraine.

If you have ever had an MRI you are familiar with the science and safety behind STMS mini.  With a remarkable  leap of innovation, STMS mini now allows you to use this ingenious technology for migraine therapy at home.

STMS mini delivers single low frequency electromagnetic fields that pass painlessly through bone and tissue. These non-invasive pulses signal the brain to calm hyperactive nerves and return to a natural state. This is often referred to as Single Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (STMS).

The safety of non-invasive Single Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (STMS) and low frequency magnetic pulses (MRI) has been well established over decades of use in clinical practice. An STMS mini pulse is about half the strength used by a typical MRI with much shorter duration. A single STMS mini pulse is delivered in less than a second.

Why STMS mini Migraine Therapy?

Wish you could participate in more social activities, be more focused and efficient at work, or just feel like your days belong to you—not to your migraine?

STMS mini Migraine Therapy  is the clinically proven, effective, non-drug option, with no debilitating medication side effects.

Take your life back with STMS mini for migraine prevention and treatment

Treat Migraine Attacks

Treat as early and often as needed to help stop pain and other migraine symptoms

Prevent Future Migraine Attacks

Treat daily to reduce the number of headache days


In a study of people using STMS mini to treat their migraines, more people using STMS mini experienced pain freedom and freedom from bothersome migraine symptoms at 2 hours versus placebo. These benefits were sustained through 48 hours.


In a study of people who treated daily with STMS mini, 46% reported at least a 50% reduction of migraine days at 12 weeks.


sTMS mini is contraindicated for patients with conductive metals in the head or neck, or any other implanted medical device that stimulates the body or uses signals from the body. Excludes dental work.  MRI protocols may be a reasonable guide for healthcare providers assessing the safte to sTMS mini in patients with metal implants in the head and neck.

Personalized treatment with STMS mini puts you in control

Your prescription includes plenty of pulses for both preventive treatment and for treating migraine attacks. STMS mini is so well-tolerated that you can treat as early and as often as needed. You are in control.

Each person experiences migraine differently. If you have frequent attacks, your healthcare provider will likely prescribe daily use of STMS mini to prevent attacks.

Using the sTMS mini is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and takes less than a minute

We are here to help

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STMS mini Migraine Therapy is available by prescription from your Consultant Neurologist

An STMS mini Migraine Therapy prescription includes:
  • Unlimited acute and preventive treatments
  • Personalized patient support